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    Hi guys (and gals),

    One of the few older configurations in our AD network is our file server, a Windows Server 2003R2 box, x86. All files are stored via direct-attached Powervault SCSI RAID boxes; there are two MD1000 boxes attached to the system, comprising our drive letters with all shares located on them, both of which are very large. File serving is this system’s only role.

    Working in the public sector, I have a limited budget. I am not going to get funds to buy a second file server to migrate to. I will probably have a time frame of about 48 hours from start to finish to upgrade the server I have (during which I do not need to have the server live to the network), and I know that I cannot migrate an x86 box straight to Server 2008R2. I am trying to plan ahead of this event (which will hopefully occur during the winter holidays).

    I am looking for advice on the best way to migrate this system to 08R2, while keeping all my shares and privileges intact. Any advice you can give would be sincerely appreciated. While I have been a sysadmin for some time, feel free to treat me like a newbie on this one; simple is good.

    Thank you.

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