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    James Haynes

    Let me set up the virtual scenario:

    there is an virtual RHEL4 on one of the ESX 3 Blades i have. The ESX blade is not a member of any DRS or HA clustering.

    the vRHEL has a standard vdisk for the OS, but I have added additional disks to accomadate for a database that will reside on this vRHEL… the dB will be an IDS.Informix dB, but that doesnt matter really…

    the additional disks i added to the vRHEL are RDMs. this is what i want… but the problem is that i wanted the drives on the SATA enclosure. Instead i have taken up valuable fiber array space which i need now.

    so the question… how do i migrate the RDMs from the fiber to the SATA drives without screwing up the virtual? i have a minimal amount of data on the RDMs, but some of them have been added as mount points and i want that intact.

    i cannot find this info anywhere, but i distinctly remember reading about it and how to accomplish this. unfortunatly it wasnt distinct enuf for me to remember where…

    jasonbouche i know you know this.. please help! ;)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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