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    I need to change most of my passwords after installing Windows 10. I have a problem with Fasthosts. Each time I change the password I receive an email confirming the password has been reset, but when I try to log in it complains it is invalid, and all I get is a silly collection of barely visible tiny photos to identify. Any suggestions please I am reluctant to spend money phoning 0333 0142 700 not knowing where are they located? I even had an email saying the Contact details were unlocked though no explanation why they were locked in the first place!

    I might Add I had no problem logging into this forum and submitting a new password. Amazon was easy as the sent me a simple short new Password by email.

    Another problem others might find. The Emailer supplied with Win 10 accepts the email address for Hotmail and Gmail but not Yahoo without losing existing emails. I had to revert to using their Web site.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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