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    I have searched the forum and found much of the same solutions to instituting a locked PC after idle time. However I am having an unintended consequence. I was expecting an experience like I have on my home PC or the one prior to implementing the GPO. I was expecting it to behave like when I used to lock the PC myself where you return from whatever it was when you walked away, prec CTRL- ALT- DEL, and simply enter your password because your user ID is already there. Now I press CRTL-ALT-DEL and it says Other USer and I need to enter my user name and password. As many of us can probably relate, I have users who freak when something changes or is not easy. However I would still like it to be where they only enter their password to unlock. Can someone help?
    I have Server 2008R2 and Win7 Pro PCs.

    This is the GPO I have configured:
    UserconfigAdministrative Templatescontrol panelpersonalization

    1. Enable Screen Saver
    2. Force Specific Screen Saver
    3. Password Protect the Screen Saver
    4. Screen Saver timeout

    THe Specific screen saver I entered is rundll32 user32.dll,LockWorkstation

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