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    Hi folks.

    I have a strange issue with a mixed 2003 and 2008 domain when using an LDAP bind to log in as regular user. This is for a KACE K1000 appliance which we are deploying as ticketing system in addition to some other things. Users will log into the K1000 to check tickets, etc. So the issue is this:

    • The K1000 is correctly configured to search AD with respect to LDAP
    • LDAP returns any and all searches quickly and easily
    • Windows Domain Admins can log in
    • Regular Domain Users cannot

    The problem is best described this way: when I change the ADUC-Account Log on to properties from a specific computer (eg: a Terminal Server) to All Computers, regular Windows users can then log into the K1000. If I just add the K1000 as a computer they can log on to, they cannot.

    Has anyone seen anything like that before…

    Thanks for any and all responses.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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