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    hi.. no experience with 2012R2 but am running 2008R2 with a couple dozen client machines where I work. Just installed 2012 onto a VM at home that is created with VMware Workstation. The server VM has DNS and AD roles installed but does not have the DHCP role installed as I chose to leave DHCP to the ASA so not sure if this is a problem out of the box.
    The machine I’m using has Windows 7 Ultimate as the base OS, Windows 10 in a VM and now the eval of 2012R2 in another VM. I have a domain name set with and all is behind a CIsco ASA5505. I have the DNS forwarders set to and and the server VM is the global catalog. I can ping the server VM with its Netbios name and IP address but not with its FQDN and as a result, I believe is why I’m unable to join the Windows 10 VM as a domain member. I have checked my A record settings and they are pointing to the correct location. Need a little push in the right direction to solve this.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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