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    I have an ISA 2006 Array of servers who begin 2 weeks ago not allowing HTTPS traffic trough him. I got no answers from other forum (specialized in ISA) so I try here to.
    I investigate a lot this issue and not conclude if there is required a Certificate for allowing HTTPS or not (on every server).

    However I install a MS Certificate Authority on one Domain Controller but I not find reliable documentation about how to request a Server certificate (keep providing me USER certificate) and is not the same.

    to make things even simple the ISA 2006 is installed in Single Adapter Scenario so .. used Only for HTTP, HTTPS and Caching. Users have setup “use a proxy server for your lan”. So very simple.
    The documentation clearly mention that in this scenario HTTP+HTTPS+FTP proxy is allowed but nowhere on Internet I can not find a crystal clear answer if:
    – it is required a Server Certificate on a ISA 2006 for serving HTTPS traffic ?

    if yes.. please provide me a link to some sort of documentation how to obtain a certificate for server since personal certificate who are exported from Personal Folder and Imported in Computer Folder .. does not work.

    Simple things and no documentation at all :(

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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