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    Hi guys,

    Been a long time since I didn’t work with linking 2 subnet (since school xD) and I need some help. We have a Class A IP, 10.1.10.* and it is almost full ( Computers, laptop, Printer, wireless device etc..). I was thinking about setting up a new IP range, like 10.1.11.* (Any this will be usefull has we have an IPSec with Toronto company that will soon need to switch the domain name to the same we have) , the subnet mask is

    I need those 2 different ranges to be able to communicate, accessing server, etc..

    DHCP is on a Windows 2003 server, 2 DNS 2003, we have 3 switch (2x Dell PC 2848, 1 Dlink DES-1226G) and 1 firewall (Cyberoam CR50ing).

    Any help is appreciate, this is really far in my mind :D


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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