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    In Our Network Suddnely we faced some IP Conflict for Few Systems… We dont have any DHCP Serves in Our Network; all the Desktops are
    Configured with Static IP address.

    We tried to Find the Duplicate IP address for that we used a IP Scanner tool in that we found Some MAC address which has the same IP which
    already assigned to our Desktops ! Those MAC address Starting Digits were matching with Our IBM Servers; when we checked the Our server those dont
    Have this series of MAC address !
    One more Observation we got it Our Server (IBM X3650) IP is i.e. and we found some IP address Whenever we restart the Server( )
    the IP goes down ! aftert the start of server( ) other IP 192.1680.76 gets Up for 15-20 Seconds and that gone down !

    Is any one can have Idea why this has been happened ? please guide in finding the resone for this behviour.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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