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    I recently acquired a computer from my brother’s company. I do not know the administrator or user passwords. My brother died last fall, and his company no longer exists, so there is no one to ask for the passwords.

    The computer has Win2k Server installed. I checked the BIOS and it is setup to boot from CDROM first, then the HD.

    I burned a copy of the Offline Windows NT Password & Registry editor. First I used NERO 5.5 and burned the ISO file and the PC would not boot that. Then I burned an image which has the extension .nrg or something like that (I don’t have that CD open right now). The PC would not boot the image either.
    Any suggestions for how to get this PC to boot from a CDROM? Am I doing something wrong in NERO?

    As a last resort, I could reformat the HD and install my copy of WinME, even though it is a horrible OS, but I still have no idea how to go about doing this without being able to us a bootable floppy.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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