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    i have a topology as show in the diagram… the network part in the rectangle is the new bit that i need to add to allow load balancing/ redundancy in the networ,… all the switches are Layer 2 managed switches (2950s and 2960s) and are pointing to R1 as their default gateway… i have to add R0 (new router), configure HSRP on router 1 and router 2 for load balancing.. (dont know if we can use glbp on 1921/k9 modular router).

    currently i have only one vlan which is shared by Users and servers spread across the LAN network. i will make two vlans, one for users and one for server,..

    as we have to configure 2 hsrp groups for load balancing which means two different virtual ip addresses.. and i can only assign one of them as the default gateway for the users and servers.. so dont know what to do .. any help please.. i will really appreciate… this default gateway thing is pissing me…

    thanks for reading

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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