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    I am not familiar with DataProtector.
    I have been asked to perform some installation on Server 2003 virtual machine on ESX3.5 (one 10GB partition). When loged in I found Low diskspace (80MB free).
    10GB is absolutely fine for the task the server performs. When I started to troubleshoot disk space problem, I found:
    that “enhincrdb” folder properties in
    C:Program FilesOmniBackenhincrdb

    shows: Size 1,2GB and Size on disk 5,2GB

    There are folders with hexa names full of less than 1KB files. I checked the cluster size on virtual machine – 4KB(default NTFS).
    So it’s explain Size on disk 5,2GB.
    I don’t no why “enhincrdb” has 1,2GB and grows.

    I need to know what to do.
    What should be done in order to prevent agent grow.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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