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How to Resolve Local Host name First in Local Network

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    Hi !

    We Need to configure a desktop with application; which must be accessed outside the company via Internet.
    But orgnal hostname will not resolve the name outside from local Network.

    We did Some Steps as Follows:
    1. Configured Desktop and given hostname ( with an application and
    forwarded there Custom Ports through Firewall.
    2. A dyndns Tool is Installed on Desktop and a hostname( registered
    through DYNDNS tool Site.
    3. With our DNS Registrar we created a CNAME and its redirected like pointed to (Whoever pings the it will redirect to

    Problem: is When user is Connected in Local Network is still Going outside using gateway Address; it must to go first with Local IP and if that
    not responds then it has to use gateway IP to Connect.

    At Server End In DNS we Created Two names which will resolve our single local IP address.

    please correct and suggest !

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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