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How to Download Videos from Tumblr Using Vidmate and More

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    If you’re looking for a free way to download videos from Tumblr, then we can recommend you the simplest way to do so. First of all, download Vidmate apk for Android to save any video to watch later offline – not just from Tumblr, but also hundreds of other websites too. Assuming you’re using an iOS or desktop device, we’ll give you another way to download videos from Tumblr on these platforms after Vidmate.

    Downloading Videos from Tumblr
    So you’ve been watching nature in its most glorious form on Tumblr – don’t blush, it’s 22% of all the videos on the site, we can guess. We’re not here to judge though, rather, we’re here to tell you how to get all those videos off of the site and onto your device to watch offline whenever you want.

    First, we’ll cover how to download videos from Tumblr on Android.

    Vidmate apk
    If you want to save Tumblr videos on Android, then download Vidmate apk on Android for a simple, quick and free way to pull it off (in more ways than one).

    Vidmate apk is a video downloader app that was originally made to help users download videos from YouTube. The app soon expanded its features to allow downloading videos from across all corners of the web, including Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, and of course, Tumblr.

    The app is free to download and features some ads to help the developers make money for future updates. You don’t need to make an account and as soon as you’ve installed it you can easily go about downloading all the videos you want from Tumblr, YouTube, and elsewhere.

    To use Vidmate apk, simply download it, open it up and visit the website (in this case Tumblr) that you want to download videos from via the app’s inbuilt browser. Once you’re on the video you want to download, you’ll see a little red download button in the corner – press it and you’ll be greeted with the option to choose the quality of the video and audio. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to find the video in your downloads, organised by date – you can then export it to your files if you want, or just keep it on the Vidmate app and revisit it later.

    Another jammy little feature of Vidmate is that you can watch live TV streams on the app for free – obviously this isn’t condoned by TV networks, so you won’t find the app in Google Play Store – you’ll have to download the APK version of the app.

    First, you’ll need to go to Settings on your Android device, then navigate to Security, and allow Unknown Sources. This will allow you to download apps onto your phone that aren’t on the Google Play Store or other major recognised app stores.

    Once you’ve done this, download the APK file, then open the finished file and press install. The app will be installed and once it’s done you just need to open it, go to the inbuilt browser and search for videos online the same way you would on your regular browser. Simples.

    How to Download Videos From Tumblr on iOS and Desktop
    This method will suit any device that has a browser – including Android, although we recommend Vidmate for Android due to its simplicity and ease of use.

    If you’re using an iOS device however, you won’t be able to download APK files, so getting Vidmate is totally out of the question, unless you jailbreak your iPhone/iPad, which we don’t recommend at all.

    To download Tumblr videos on devices other than Android, simply go to Tumblr, find the video you want to download, copy the URL and then go to TubeOffline and post the URL in the available field. Once you’ve done that, simply press Get Video and it will begin downloading directly to your device. Once it’s done, you can open it in your files and store it wherever you want to easily (or not easily, depending on what the video is) find it later.

    Keep Yourself Protected
    This is an easy way to download videos from Tumblr on iOS and other devices, although using these websites can leave you exposed to malware, including adware that users often don’t realise they have installed onto their devices until they start seeing banners and popups everywhere. To protect against this, make sure that you have an antivirus and security software installed on your device before using a video downloader website.

    The same applies for downloading Vidmate apk, or any APK file on Android. Seeing as these apps aren’t found on the Google Play Store, you have to be careful where you download them from and always ensure that you’re protected against spyware, adware and viruses.

    Other options to download videos from Tumblr on Android

    If you want to experiment with other apps to download videos from Tumblr and other websites online, then download KeepVid APK – the app works in the same way as Vidmate, it’s just developed by different people and provides a slightly different interface. For the most part it’s the same app, but you might find that it works a little faster on your device.

    We hope that you find these apps useful to download all the videos you want from Tumblr to watch offline, regardless of where you are. Enjoy having access to all your favorite nature shows on Tumblr, you silver tongued devil, you.

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