How do you deal with remote RPC/HTTPS clients on non domain PCs?

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    I have several users at one office who use RPC over HTTPS to connect to their exchange mailbox (Outlook 2007/2010 and Exchange 2007 SP2). The PCs that they are using are not joined to the domain. Mostly because many of the PCs are home computers and not running a joinable OS. Plus, they rarely come into the office and as a result their computer accounts would expire. Many of them aren’t yet on an updated version of Windows that can pull policy down after a user has logged on and connected with a VPN. Oh, and asking some of them to use a VPN might be a bit much. Errr… let’s just leave it at that. :roll:

    The problem is that their passwords expire but the only visible symptom is that they can no longer log into Outlook. No specific warning message is presented. I just get a call “I can’t get into Outlook!” and then look at the calendar. Yep, it’s been about three months since the last call. I’ve tried to get people to log into OWA once in a while to change their password, but that’s not working out so well.


    • Does anyone here have a similar set of users? (This is a lot like a hosted Exchange environment, in that regard. Anyone here work or worked in a hosted Exchange environment?)
    • How do you handle passwords with these types of users?

    At the moment, I’m setting up all AD account passwords for these remote users to never expire. I’m going to at least create a script that filters accounts based on the PasswordLastSet date and then fires off a message if it’s getting close to the expiry date. Three cheers for send-mailmessage.

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