How do I completely get off of AD and a Domain?

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    I am sorry if this is a double post, I did search and couldn’t find anything that was relevant to my situation. If anybody could give me a link to a step by step guide or write me one I would be very grateful. Below is my issue.

    That network admin before me created a domain called Harley (i know, it needs to be something like harley.local and not just harley). He started out with 2 domain controllers until the primary failed at which time he didn’t go through the steps of removing it before it tombstoned. He then promoted a different server to backup the new primary DC. What I would like to do is completely get rid of the Harley domain without causing to much of an explosion and re-create it as harley.local. Do any of you have a step by step guide that would show me how to do this? Would I be able to back any files up from the DC’s on the Harley domain and restore them on the new Harley.local domain or would they clash due to the Harley vs. Harley.local?

    Thanks for all the help in advance. :-D

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