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    I sure hope someone knows the answer on this?
    I have 2003 enterprise server running with Group Policy. I allow no downloads on the machines and have removed almost every item except for internet explorer and office icons on the desktop. Almost all items are removed from the taskbar being public computers. I would like users to view pdf and documents from hotmail accounts but that requires the file to be downloaded. I have wrecked my brain trying to figure out how to keep the computer safe and still allow pdf and doc files to be viewed in internet explorer. If the user sends those files to yahoo account they are able to open and view those files.
    My question to anyone is there a way to view pdf and doc files in internet explorer from attachments from hotmail accounts? And can that be set in policy to allow those files only to viewed without downloading?
    Thanks for any information.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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