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    In my topic Network Down I eventually discovered that a wireless router was causing the network to go down. Restarting it would bring the network back up again.

    The router in question served two purposes: It provided wireless connectivity and also acted as a ‘desktop switch’. Please note that the router was not used as the gateway to the Internet. It was purely internal.

    It was connected by a 30m cable to a wall socket and had two PC’s connected to it.

    I am presently adding detailed TCP/IP documentation to my network documentation which is intended to help someone learn DNS and understand how it works on our network. Whilst writing this I was thinking about DNS resolvers sending queries for IP addresses etc and how the client then connects to that IP address.

    This had me thinking about the router issue and I was wondering how a single device was able to incapacitate the entire network. The router was essentially ‘out on a limb’ and only provided general wireless connectivity and was physically connected to just two clients and a wall socket.

    Does anyone know why this may have happened, what may have caused it? Searching using such general terms as router and blocked and network does not help as there are gazillions of results for routers used as gateways between networks. As this sat within the network and was not used as a gateway (except for the wireless connections) those results do not seem to apply.

    If anyone has any links to resources that I can read I would appreciate it if you could post them.


    I’ve attached a diagram I am using as part of the documentation and have edited it to include the problem wireless router so you can see where it is located.

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