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    Hi all,

    Our failover appliance doing redundancy between two ISP lines (ISP1 fiber and ISP2 T1) died so we dumped it and planning to go with BGP for failover.

    Here is our current setup and what we want to do. The network traffic flow is as follows……LAN traffic goes to a Layer 2 core switch, then to a checkpoint firewall (default route to internet is through ISP1), which connects to another switch where two cisco 28xx routers are connected and in turn connected to our two ISP. So currently all our internet traffic is configured to route through the faster link (ISP1 fiber)) but no redundancy to ISP2 because we have removed the failover appliance. So we want to implement BGP to have ISP1 as primary link, then failover to ISP2 if ISP1 goes down.

    I will be getting in touch with our ISPs soon to talk this but i wanted to see configuration ideas all you smart folks out there may have. So basically i’m looking for what commands I will run on our two cisco routers connecting to our two ISP to setup BGP to use ISP1 as primary circuit then failover to ISP2 if 1 goes down. Also what info will i need from our two ISPs to get the setup insynch with theirs. Haven’t configured BGP before but i know how it works.

    This is my first post here so all help greatly appreciated. Thanks all


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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