GPO sync issues.

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    I renamed our file server after moving a DB off of it last week. Ever since then I have had the hardest time getting rid of our old file server.
    Here’s what is happening.

    I renamed the file server to “fileservold”. I went in and remapped my GPO for file redirection to the new server name. Also I have an OU for all of the laptops and one for all desktops. On the laptop OU I have a GPO setup to allow offline files and to sync them upon logoff. The folder redirection is working great, but on the laptops the sync manager still shows the person logged into the laptop as working offline. Upon inspection of the server status within Windows XP Synch manager I still see the name of the server before the rename and the box is checked to connect.

    For testing purposes I created a test OU and dropped a laptop that’s having the issue in it and waited for replication and rebooted it in hopes of it being a GPO I created. No luck after an hour or so there.

    Any ideas on how to get rid of the old server name looming around in my config? I just want it to disappear and all my laptops to start syncing with the new server name they are being redirected to?

    Does that make sense?


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