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    OK, I know I am probably going to get a hard time, but here it goes. I have been struggling with this for a week, and have been all over Google (and here).

    Here is our Domain network design:

    Windows 2008 Standard AD Servers w/ DNS, DHCP, GMPC, and the whole works….
    Clients are Win7 Professional (All within 6 months old)
    Same Domain
    Same Network
    Same Building
    Happens to several users…
    Users are part of Authenticated Users, Domain Users
    Computers are part of Domain Computers

    Issue at hand is Screen Lock after 10 minutes of no activity.

    I have a few users that log onto a few different computers. They are not logging into the same computer though. UserA can be at his desk, and his screen wil lock after 10 minutes of no activity, but then UserA will go to the 3rd Floor training room, and his screen will never lock (using a different computer) even after 30 minutes. UserB can be at her desk and her screen Never locks, but I have her sign onto a computer in my office, and the screen will lock after 10 minutes of no activity. This Happens to several users.

    What I have done:
    – perform gpupdate /force (many times over a week)
    – compare gpresult /r and gpresult /z on each machine with no difference on any one them (many times over a week)
    – created a brand new (not a copy / paste) screen-lockout GPO (same results as old one)
    – rebooted computers (many times over a week)
    – request another user to log onto a computer that will not lock screen (it locked for them)
    – checked user security in AD to be use they are part of the Domain, about 10 times or more
    – used Group Policy Modeling in the GPMC to compare userA to computerA/UserA to ComputerB – results are the same for each. compared other users too.
    – Checked DNS to be sure all information was okay and dns had no issues.
    – restarted Netlogon service, dns server, dns client services on the AD Servers.

    I have exhausted my entire thought of this.

    I have created many many GPOs, and can usually fix them when issues arise, but this one has be baffled.

    if anyone has an idea, thought, or anything, I would be willing to give it a shot, and reply back with the results.

    If there are any other screenshots you would like to look over, please let me know.

    Thanks, Brent

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