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    Hi there,

    We have recently done a server install, only to be told after the fact that a number of settings need to be set for all users by the software company. If they’d told us that earlier we’d have made sure they were in the default profile but its too late for that.

    Setup is SBS 2008 with Server 2008 R2 acting as an exclusive Remote Desktop Services server. Office on the RDS server is 2003 as the company doesn’t have a volume license for 2007 or 2010.

    What we need to do now is deploy some settings automatically as follows (Office is 2003):

    1) Grant access to the “Trust VB project Model” in Excel
    2) Change Macro Security to Low
    3) Allow Outlook programmatic access to the address book and for sending emails so users aren’t continually prompted to allow access
    4) Change the default language and regional options (this one was my fault, I didn’t notice that the Smart Start CD built with US instead of UK)
    5) Remove that damned powershell icon from the quick launch in Remote Desktop Services

    I’ve had that many issues to deal with about the software that I’ve made no headway on these yet. My first guess for the Office related stuff would be the administrative templates that can be loaded which I’ll check tomorrow.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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