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    Hi Guys,

    I’m currently locking down our infrastructure over here, starting with enabling windows firewall (xp pro clients)

    With the firewall enabled on my test ‘vm’ i can receive messages, but cannot reply.

    I currently have fixed ports setup on the client to reflect ports 2030-2040

    (on a side note, when i configure port exceptions for windows firewall, may i enter a range as such ‘ 2030-2040:TCP:localsubnet:enabled:Fixed msmsgs int)

    I’ve read the article on ‘Polling and Fixed port callbacks’

    Where on my exchange 2000 server do i enter the ports to be used for fixed port callback? Do i need a range of ports open, or would 1 port for everyone suffice?

    I looked in the exchange servers registry, but was unable to locate the;


    entry, will i have to create these keys manually?

    Also, in the part where it indicates what setting to modify, the only setting / keys i see are all related to port polling, no where can i enter the ports i specify on my client.

    Do i basically need to enable polling for fixed port callback to work, and forget about setting the port value on the server?

    Working on a production server is a pissoff when your window of opportunity is from 10 – 11 pm

    thanks for all your help guys, much appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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