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    I am pretty new to Cisco ASA, never worked with it before. Need to forward port so outside users can access port 9009 on specified internal ip address. I am using ASDM 5.2, googled a bit, and found out that I need to add Static NAT rule in Configuration part of the GUI.

    Because this is my first time configuring this, I have several questions..

    So, in real address part, for interface I should put inside, ip address should be the private address needed, and subnet mask of course

    What should be put for static translation? Outside for interface and what for address?

    Also, because I need port to forward, should I check “Enable PAT” and should I put 9009 for both original and translated port?

    Also, does anything need to be enabled in NAT options?

    Thanks a lot, and sorry for these noob questions :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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