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External website does not resolve internally(was: Domain Name Change)

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    I recently changed the Domain Name of my client’s domain from a single-label name to domain.local name. They were having many DNS issues internally along with other issues. I took on project of rebuilding the whole network from scratch since there were only 8 users and the company is on the verge of growing this summer. I wanted to make sure everything was setup to par and good practice is being implamented. They want to upgrade to Exchange 2007 and Server 2008 this summer (does not support single-label domain names).

    Everything worked out great except for access to their website from the internel network. Their site is hosted at It is accessable externally but not internally now. I can’t ping the external IP address nor the DNS PTR of isp.domain.local I called the ISP and they said I need to configure the records at The exchange server works fine; we’re able to send and receive mail with no (DNS) issues.

    -The website name is the same as the domain.local used for the network.
    -Their externel IP points to isp.domain.local (66.x.x.x) at
    -The webserver is located off-site and managed by a third party (23.x.x.x) and the domain.local point to it (23.x.x.x) at DiscountASP.

    Basically evrything was working fine before (other than a few glitches) and now after going from single-label domain name to domain.local none of the above work. What are the things to look out for when changing from a single-label to domain.local?

    Please help :(

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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