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    Hello, we want to install Exchange server in my company. We currently have our domain hosted in a company that offers us an email service. We also have a 2nd company that offers us the same domain name, in case the first one goes down, the emails arrive to that one.

    The thing is, i was wondering, if i can configure Exchange server to download the emails from those domains (actually its just 1 but from 2 different places), and then deliver those emails to the user.

    I dont know if i have the wrong idea, but this is what i want:

    All the emails send to [email protected] can be downloaded to the exchange server. Then for example, [email protected] email arrives, then the email is sent to the user recipient so he can see it. Can exchange be configured like this? Thank you.

    P.D. We dont want to get rid of our 2 email hosts, just in case 1 goes down, we want to always have 1 up.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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