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    we have some problems to configure Microsoft Exchange 2007, My friend company has an Exchange 2007 installed locally with the Mailbox server role, Cas and hub transport role, they have have a local domain who does not want to be published.
    The internal mail works correctly. Our client has a domain is published and hosted by an email provider in Switzerland.

    the needs of the company are as follows:

    1- configure the local exchange 2007 in order to receive all messages from the web server that hosts, keeping a copy on the web server.
    2- configure Exchange 2007 so that local users can use their local account to send messages internally and externally. That’s mean in Outlook 2007 users have one address:

    my friend has created two SMTP connectors (Send Connector), (Receive Connector) but it did not work. Because of authentication problem with the mail server on the Internet.

    Is it possible to do this architecture.

    could you help me solve this problem. thank you in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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