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    Hi All,

    We are having a few issues recently since our server decided to reboot itself without warning, one of which was the backup was not completing complaining about problems with accessing the exchange database and vss snapshoting.

    I attempted to run a defrag on the database which failed and the error once investigated eventually suggested corruption.

    I have found information with regards to fixing with a combination of eseutil and isinteg the former coming with a warning that where corruption has occured there will almost certainly be data loss.

    I have in the past replaced stores by removing the existing database from MDBdata folder and then restarting the IS store to generate a new one.

    What im wondering is am i better off just exmerging all the email out to .pst files , moving database and initializing new one then importing it back? I would of course scan each pst for issues before doing so.

    I understand that there are hidden elements of users mailboxes you dont see, such as out of office reply settings but in our case this should be minimal.

    What would you guys recommend, spend hours on a fix which may still not work or bite the bullet and go for database replacement.

    As it stands exchange is running and accepting new emails but I dont know how long for.

    Any advice would be great.

    Thank you.

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