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Exchange 2013 – Currupted Index and Database

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    Our Default Mailbox database is currupted as the index. The index state is failed state and the database wont mount.

    Here how this all happen.

    We have 3 databases. We ran out of disk space. The default database dismounted, the 2 others were mounted.
    I was in a process of cleaning up the database. We only have the administrator mailbox in this one.
    It was full of email 900000 in inbox, with a database of 90GB! (This was due to all logon email mistake configuration).
    Facing the emergency of keeping place for the 2 other databases, I deleted all logs for (except the E00) the default database (was unmounted).
    A total of 17000 log files was in there!
    Because I was in the process of deleting the content I didn
    t care of keeping unwrited data.

    After this was done. I ran :
    eseutil /P with repair no error
    eseutil /D (this reduce the edb from 90GB to 22B
    eseutil /G with succes no error
    eseutil /R doesnt work (error 1003 jet error, probably due to unmounted database)

    The database status is dismounted and status index failed.

    I tried to rebuild the index (stop Host search etc, delete guid folder and start host search). It recreated the guid folder, so the search process works.

    The status still dismounted and status index failed.

    Do you have any ideas or suggestions, I am currently lost?

    I am thinking to make another database and deleting the default one but I cant move administrator mailbox and others systems mailboxs because I can`t mount the database!

    Best Regards,

    Setup is :
    Domain structure 2008 (1 windows 2012 and 1 windows 2008 )
    Exchange 2013 installed on a Windows 2012 member server

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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