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    Hello Guys,

    right now I have a working exchange server 2000 on win2000 server, my network is based on AD2003,

    I am also taking full backup of exchange server database and it is coming successful each night, I am using veritas backup,

    Now the worrying part, I have never restored any exchange server and I am uncomfortable with lack of knowledge, can somebody share their knowledge on restore process?

    If my exchange server goes down, how can I restore the database on a new machine? when I prepared the new machine do I have to give same name like old machine? How do I restore from veritas?

    After succesfully restoring exchange on new temporary machine and suppose after that I am able to bring up the original machine(may be by fixing some H/W Problem) what will happen? will I have two exchange server?

    Is there a documented recovery process some where?

    Please help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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