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Excel 2013 process wont end when closed

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    Hi Everyone, first post. please be gentle with me!

    So I am in a domain environment, Network Manager and we have Windows 7 clients running a mix of office 2010 and 2013, the problem we have is in office 2013 only. Basically it goes like this

    When opening an excel spreadsheet it opens quick with no problems, so now I am done working on that file and I close it. After a few minutes I need to work on another spreadsheet and open that one only this time it takes up to 5 minutes to open the file, before it opens I open task manager and discover that the excel.exe process is running. I end the process try again and it opens immediately.

    before I try to open the second excel file I also check the task manager and excel.exe is still running then as above I open the second document and it doesn’t open

    It is completely random and as mentioned only happens in Office 2013. I cant replicate nor never had such an issue with office 2010.

    Users have roaming profiles on server 2012 using windows 7 on a vanilla network.

    I don’t think it is linked to a profile issue as it can only happen sometimes to 1 person then they never report it a second time and sometimes to the same person on several occasions on different dates/different spreadsheets…

    Any ideas or tips much appreciated


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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