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    I’ve created and mail enabled a public folder in my Ex2k7 server, Then created a rule that forward every message sento to that pf to an internal DL ( so we have a copy of the incoming email in the PF and in the user members of the DL’s mailbox.

    The Distribution list has this associated smtp address ( [email protected] ).
    The PF has this smtp address ( [email protected] ).

    Now, the email sent from an user member of the DL, has the reply address as [email protected] , but i need that the email reply address is the same associated to the public folder [email protected] .

    I’ve searched with google but didnt find any about something similar to giving the sendas permission in a public folder to the distribution list group.

    Dows any of you know how to do it ?

    Thansk in advance


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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