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    I have a “new” second-hand Dell Precision 650, dual Xeon, hyperthreading, 1GB ECC RAM, three U320 hard drives.

    I have had constant problems trying to make dynamic drives. There is always an error message telling me the operation cannot be completed. It’s an available command, but it won’t work. Naming the drives always occurs at some stage in a series of reboots by Explorer seeing the drive(s) and asking if it should be formatted.
    The information is near the bottom of this page, with one relevant image, viz.: http://mattoid.com/data/Life/TimeLine/time_line_2007.htm

    Nowhere on the Dell or Microsoft or Adaptec sites have I come up with any answer to this problem, or even notification that it existed.

    Could anyone with any knowledge of why this should happen let me know?
    [email protected]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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