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    Running DNS on two 2008 R2 Servers setup as AD integrated for both Forward and all Reverse zones. Most of client computers on the domain are XP. All the clients are setup using static addressing. The DNS suffix name is in there, the DNS and DHCP services are also all started and running on each client.

    In DNS the following was set:
    -Type AD Integrated
    -Replication All domain controllers in this domain
    -Dynamic Updates None (why that was like that who knows)
    -Scavenging is not in use yet

    I changed Dynamic updating to Secure and NonSecure since I was not sure how it would affect all the non windows servers currently in there. Anyhow, came back two days later, and only a very few number of machines have updated in forward dns represenative of Timestamp value changing from Static to an actual time. The vast majority still say static.

    First off shouldnt they be updating now if the default update time for XP is 24 hours, and I have Dynamic updating on now???

    If I run ipconfig /registerdns from any of the clients. Nothing happens. There is no error any of the event logs (server or local) and the static entry in forward never updates. If I restart the machine, it still does not update.

    The only way it seems I can get the record in forward to timestamp and shows its dynamic is if I actually delete the entry in DNS and then either ipconfig /registerdns or just restart the dhcp service. Whats up with that??? Im lost. Permissions? I noticed on each record that there is an account called Self with special permissions, yet when you drill down there are none set.

    I hate to have to delete all this suff in forward, because I am not sure which items actually need to be static. Plus if I delete it in forward it removes it in reverse which some applicationsare using, then they have issue.

    Can someone offer some advice on this?


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