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    I redirect my documents on my clients to \servershareuser on a 2000 server (dc). I recently purchase another server 2003 to replace the old 2000. I changed every users properties (profile tab)to point to the new users share on the new server. I enabled disk quota with limits on the new server. Later I found out that one users computer was still setting the path for the old server. So I deleted his newly created my document folder on the new server and deleted and wrote the path to the new server again under the profile tab in his users properties. The path is correct now but the disk quota for this user reports more hard drive space being used than data in his my documents folder (this users folder is 4.66 gig at his decktop but the quota system is reporting 7.00 gig). I emptied the recycle bin on the server thinking the quota system was referencing ownership of the deleted my documents folder, but I’m still getting the incorrect amount of disk space being reported used by this user. I am afraid to delete this users entry in the quota properties because you have to take ownership of the files. Anybody with any ideas?

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