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    I have a question just looking to learn why something doesn’t work for us. Not necessarily a huge problem. We have several Windows DHCP servers and have fail-over between them setup. We had one go down and the fail-over does work on the server side. Any machine that comes on gets an IP from the fail-over one and it all works. The problem we had is machines that were already on and had a lease when it expired it just tried contacting the original (down) DHCP server and never tried any other. On these PCs a manual IP-config renew or reboot gets an IP and everything is fine but it won’t do a normal broadcast to any receiving server.

    I found this link that breaks down the DHCP process and it seems for us at least on step 7 it doesn’t work. I don’t see anywhere this is a configuration it seems a built in windows setting. Has anyone else seen this and are we missing something


    7. Client Sends DHCPREQUEST Rebinding Message
    Having received no response from the server that initially granted the lease, the client “gives up” on that server and tries to contact any server that may be able to extend its existing lease. It creates a DHCPREQUEST message and puts its IP address in the CIAddr field, indicating clearly that it presently owns that address. It then broadcasts the request on the local network.

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