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    I found an issue with 2003R2 DFS-R that is affecting some of our users and was wondering if there is a way to mitigate it.

    Say you copy a 200MB file to a HOST1 and it is in a DFSR replica with HOST2. It will begin copying this file to HOST2. While it is copying you delete the source. The source will reappear on HOST1 after you refresh. I believe this is because the file is still updating on HOST2 and therefore is seen as the newer file. Everytime you delete it on HOST1 it is recopied from HOST2 because since HOST2 is still downloading the file it keeps making its copy of the file the most recent. I found this is occuring because the file is appearing on HOST2 before it is actually completely transferred. I have another DFSR setup at another client where the file does not appear on the destination until it is completely transferred. Maybe this is something that was just fixed in 2008? I’d like to mitigate it on 2003 though.

    I hope the above makes sense, has anyone found this as well or have a solution to it?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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