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    I presently use a Windows 2008 domain controller named Phobos to host DFS and the various namespaces. The data is hosted on a 2008 storage server and is not replicated.


    I wish to add redundancy to DFS by replicating the namespace setup to a 2012 r2 domain controller named Atlas. What I am trying to achieve is that if Phobos becomes unavailable the clients should be able to access the DFS paths via Atlas.

    I have installed the DFS role on Atlas but am uncertain as to what I need to do next to provide this redundancy. I’ve had a search but the solutions I’ve seen are ambiguous and I have not found a clear step-by-step guide. I’m reluctant to experiment as I don’t want to inadvertently break our DFS setup.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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