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    Hi I’m new user of Windows server 2012 and have some questions to you. I have few works to do on this system, will be greate if someone Can help me. Server is only visible at our lan.
    We are going to integrate few apps with remote company. The give me some info about this connection and I must prepare your server for it.

    First I need open 2 ports for test and production connection – this is done, I have open 2 ports on router and add rules to server firewall
    Then i should to buy for this purpose keys for encrypting https (SSL) and separate communications – dedicated to signing messages in the header. Can I buy ssl for ip? How to install ssl for ip at local server machine?
    Next i think i should install webserver to make server visible at internet.
    Finally i nedd to create 2 endpoint –
    To perform the infrastructure safety tests of the healthcare provider it is necessary to indicate the Endpoint URL (WSDL) for the tested service on the part of the Service Provider.
    At least two Endpoint URLs (WSDLs) should be provided:
    – Endpoint for the healthcare provider’s production environment
    – Endpoint for the Tester’s testing environment
    Here also i think i need to install first webserver? Then create endpoint’s and make it visible at internet.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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