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CPU Temp Issue

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    We have a new PC unit utilizing AMD FX8350 as a CPU, which was planned to use primarily as a 24/7 FTPS server (as this task is not in priority, and we have no option to purchase anything other as a hardware for this task). All components works well, except a CPU, which constantly overheats, despite a little load (3-5%). A cooler is a big version of Zalman with heat tubes and a 120mm fan (sorry but I can’t read what the exact version it is), and it is installed properly, bearing no damage or inconsistency on contact plate. The average temperature in a room is about 25 degrees C, and a CPU heats up to 85 and more centigrade. I heard that is a native problem of modern AMDs but can’t say anything about this statement. Which measures we can attempt to lower a CPU temperature? (Or, perhaps, this is a kind of a defect covered by warranty?) Thanks for your opinions!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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