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    Hi, I am new here to this forum. It looks like a great resource! Thanks in advance!

    My WinXP Home Toshiba laptop went crazy last night after I installed a Sony DVD-RW external drive and installed the “Nero” software with it. When I rebooted after the installation, it would not let me log in to XP, it kept saying to try Safe mode or Last Known Configuration… unfortunately none of them worked.

    I have now done the following:

    1) purchased a new hard drive for the laptop.
    2) imaged the new HDD via Toshiba Restore DVD
    3) and put the old HDD in a shell with USB attachment
    4) tried to view and access my old files

    My problem is that now I can access all the user accounts, except for my account…because I had the Administrator account… and I keep getting the error message, “not accessible, access is denied”.

    Any good method for getting around this so I can retrieve my data from the last 2 years that is stored in that Admin account?

    I will sincerely appreciate your assistance.
    Dan (xpmakesmecrazy)

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