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    I have googled this for a while, but still not found the code i wanted. As i’m not a guru in scripting it’s kina hard for me. Maby you guys here can help. Here is the problem:

    I have a folder, this folder is always at the same place with the same name.
    I want to copy this folder to another location, wich will always be the same location. But i want to rename the folder when i copy it. And the renaming should come from a textbox in my vbscript. So it would be something like this:

    copyfolder (“c:folderpathfolder”, “c:otherfolderpath”textbox1”)

    where “folder” is the folder i want to copy, and “textbox1” is the box where i want to write the name the folder should have when it gets copied.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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