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    I need help connecting my 851 cisco router and 2950-24 catalyst switch,
    I tried to setup “router on a stick” by creating a dot1q trunk port but i couldn’t.
    i understand that because my 851 router has only one vlan (vlan1)
    i can’t create a trunk port to the router…
    i tried creating a sub-interface but the only interface i managed to create it on was fast ethernet 4 (connection to the dsl modem).
    can i solve this issue?
    right now i have only one vlan in my switch and the router is
    connected to one of the ports…is this the only way?
    i must have more then one vlan in my router?
    why is sub-interface used to create the trunk?
    what is the right way to connect the router and the swith in my case?

    Thank you in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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