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computer network calendar sync with exchange for global calendar

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    Hey all,

    Can somebody please explain how i can get all the calendar appointments to exchange 2003 from individual computers. we have just started using exchange so all the mailbox information is on pst files at the moment.

    i have found this on the forum but i do not understand where exchanges calendar is, and am i correct in thinking this is a copy and paste action ? how will it update it self ?


    What i would do is the following:

    1. Have both the .PST data file and the exchange account open at the same time in Outlook.

    2. Go to the calendar and change the view to arrange by Category. View > Arrange By > Current View > By Category.

    3. Select all of the appointments in the .PST calendar and move them to the exchange calendar.

    This should allow you to copy all of the appointments across to the exchange calendar without the need for 3rd party software.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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