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    We’re having a new problem now. We have a process of imaging machines with SCCM. It installs Windows 10, adds it to the domain and etc. And all that still works. We have a Radius WIFI policy deployed in Group policy that makes the laptops connect to the WIfi and that has “sort of” stopped working. So up until last week we’d image machines plugged into the lan and you could unplug them once done and login to them via the wifi but now when we unplug them they cannot connect to the Wifi. If I login locally I see event IDs that says “the authenticator is no longer present”

    Heres the stranger part. If I plug them into the LAN and login as any user then disconnect the cable it somehow gets some sort of GP update fix and then the Wifi connects. And all the thousands of existing machines still connect fine so I don’t think its a problem with the policy itself but its as if its no longer applying at boot up anymore. I don’t know what may have changed to cause this. Anyone have any ideas. We image a lot of machines and having to manually login to each one just to get the wifi to connect takes a lot of time.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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