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    Not sure if anyone on here uses it, but I have for years.

    Anyway, I decided to install Windows 8 on my 3yr HP quad Core PC which has a WD (Green) 1TB installed.

    I had intended to RAID1 (software) but the new drive, WD (Red) has a different sector size so cannot achieve this.

    Having realised that my HP has an onboard RAID controller I decided to image the disk, setup the RAID1 and restore.

    First issue was that Clonezilla reported the image was too large to fit onto the Mirrored drives so I continued all the same.

    After reboot the RAID1 reported one of the disks was degraded and put them back into single drive mode but Windows 8 booted fine.

    Just wondering if there’s a way round this?

    I did think maybe of reducing the partition size by 500mb and then trying the process again. I could then, if it works install something to get the lost space back (if need be)

    Any thoughts or suggestions before I try


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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