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    Current configuration (has not changed in 3 months) XP sp3 Verizon mifi 2200 Unable to connect to VPN Worked fine until yesterday morning No new hardware or software was installed since march.
    Worked with Verizon this morning
    Reinstalled their Verizon access management software.
    Reinstalled cisco client 4.6
    Verified user and password are correct

    The mifi 2200 connects to internet. You can browse web and get mail through outlook.
    Then I open the vpn software enter user and password and receive the following error.

    Secure connection terminated locally by client Reason 413: User authentication failed

    Again only new software or hardware since march are the reinstalled of Verizon and cisco hardware Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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