Changing NT PDC in a 2000 AD Mixed Mode configuration

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    Ok, Here’s my story.

    I had a NT PDC and two BDC’s. All on old hardware. I have Virtual PC running on an XP box, and found it convenient to install a fresh BDC there, promote it to PDC, and then upgraded it to 2000 server AD mixed mode. All is well so far. Except my new PDC / AD is a virtual server… So I have a new box, installed 2000 server on it, promoted it to also be a 2000 DC. Terrific, now I want to shut off forever the virtual 2000 server. But I just realized that while 2000 DC’s share the work, so removing one should not be a bid deal, that one is still acting as the NT PDC!

    If I use DCPromo to demote the virtual 2000 server (acting NT PDC), will the second 2000 DC automatically get promoted to NT PDC? Can I manually make that change using server manager on an NT box? The option doesn’t appear to be valid when running srvmgr from the 2000 machine…

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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