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    Morning everyone,
    My predecessor decided to have fun with the printer names (each one is named for a country, with no rhyme or reason). After my CEO accidentally printed some 20 page document to the color printer, which he meant to send to one of the standard printers, he has tasked me with changing the printer names to something more intelligent (The printers i have installed since i got here, all have names that make sense!!) They printers are staying on the same print server, it is just that the share names will change.

    I have migrated printers before, but it always entailed leaving the same printer name, just changing the print server. I have tried searching through the forums for an answer to the best way of doing this, but I cannot find a script or procedure that will look at the computer, see what printers it has installed, delete the existing printer connections, and re-add them with the new names.

    In the short term, I will probably create new DNS entries for the new names, and leave the existing ones there, so people will still be able to print (that should work, shouldn’t it?) but i would like a more permanant solution.

    Does anyone have any thoughts?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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