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    I have two computers that will not talk to each other through ports, however they talk to and from other computers on the network. I’ve tested 6 other computers it works.

    I have pinged the devices and that works..I have used telnet to test ports to and from other computers. So far the only issue I have is the communication between each other. One is a 2008r2 server the other is server 2012 Standard. One is an exchange server Server 2008 R2 Enterprise the other is a dell Appassure appliance Server 2012.

    Nothing in the computer logs about. I also tried changing the IP’s.

    I was first brought into the Picture because appassure will not backup one server the Exchange box. Upon further examination no ports connect to each other. For example I can not telnet to and from each other on any port. No windows firewalls or third party Firewalls. No antivirus on either machine.

    I dont know what category to put this in so i’d thought I’d start here.

    Please any insight to this would be helpful.

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